27. April 2016


The world is full of challenges that can be solved with the right approach. Luckily, the world is also full of good people, who are dedicated to making a difference. Therefore, we have established donaid where we get business and charitable organisations involved in a shared cause for the benefit of development projects in Denmark as well as several developing countries. Below, you can see our cooperative partners.


Charitable organisations

All the funds raised via donaid’s support programmes are realised by respected charitable organisations. In this way, we can all feel confident that this task will be performed in a professional and targeted manner. At present, donaid cooperates with these charitable organisations:





Businesses choose to form cooperative partnerships with donaid to take a social responsibility and raise money for charity.

Nopa Nordic, an established manufacturer of cleaning products and products for personal care, has chosen to place the donaid label on their products in order to raise money for a selected project in cooperation with a respected charitable organisation.