21. April 2016


We make it possible for consumers and businesses to join in on the solution of important social problems through support programmes managed by professional charitable organisations.

The charitable organisations ensure that the development work will be performed with the necessary respect for and knowledge of the specific needs. donaid has a central position in this relief work in order to target donations from the entire value chain at the individual development projects.


Why do we do it?

Because the world is full of challenges that can be solved with the right approach

Because the world is also full of good people, who are dedicated to making a difference

How do we do it?

By selling products with the donaid label in the retail shops, we unite the efforts to support a good cause, which is carefully selected by the manufacturer and managed by the charitable organisation.


We make demands of our cooperative partners

The product manufacturers should be able to document their CSR commitment via a CSR strategy (or CSR strategy in the course of preparation). And, to the extent possible, they should work on the basis of recognised international CSR standards.

To the extent possible, retail chains should work according to the principles of BSCI or similar CSR standards for the development of working conditions in the value chain.


UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals


The UN has adopted 17 new global goals with focus on the development efforts towards 2030.

The ambitious goals set the framework for the development efforts worldwide, where all countries need to participate in order to reach the goals within the next 15 years. See the new goals here:

In donaid, we work on the basis of the 17 goals just as our partnerships are formed with focus on creating sustainable development.

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We keep our promises:

  • donaid guarantees that the entire amount of the funds raised will be passed on to the designated projects, which are managed by professional charitable organisations
  • Participating businesses will pay a licence fee to donaid. The licence fee covers administrative expenses and is handled separately from the funds raised via the sale of products and direct donations. All the money raised are passed on to the specific charity project
  • All transactions are documented and published on our website
  • The licence fee for the application of the donaid brand covers operation and administration, and the amount appears as a separate entry in the annual business report
  • donaid allocates a part of its profit to new start-up businesses working for CSR and sustainability.
  • A list of all cooperative partners and support projects is available on donaid’s website where the amount realised by the programme for the selected support project will also appear
  • donaid publishes an annual CSR report with a complete statement of the projects, donations, reinvestments of profit and administration rates for the year and with full transparency of the money transferred to the charity project
  • Control of transactions to support projects and audit are conducted by the accounting firm EY