27. April 2016

About donaid

We believe that taking responsibility matters. Not only for yourself, but for a better future for all of us. In cooperation with organisations such as the Danish Cancer Society, Unicef and Plan, we constantly keep up a countless number of development projects in Denmark as well as several developing countries.


You are also able to help. Choose products with the heart-shaped donaid logo when you shop. In this way, you help support a good cause. And we all help create a positive development.



We work for a sustainable future

  • We improve people’s living conditions through partnerships
  • We join our efforts
  • We are targeted
  • We strive to find solutions
  • We constantly develop ourselves and each other



donaid® is a network organisation and we cooperate widely with leading players in order to create the best donation solutions. We work from our office in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, and here you are able to meet us.


Marcus Dall Overgaard


Marcus  is the director of donaid and also our branding and marketing expert. He adds life and edge to the projects with lots of passion and creativity. He is also the man behind our website and the many communication tasks that comes through the office every day. Marcus has a background as a commercial artist and has operated the advertising agency Tegn & Hund for 20 years.


Email: mdo@donaid.dk          Tlf: +45 26 20 79 01



Camilla Møller Nielsen

Project Manager

Camilla is the one who makes things happen in donaid. She keeps track of all the projects, handles the communication between all parties and makes sure that alle the good ideas are landed securely and safely for everyone. Camilla is dedicated to working for a better world and with her experience from the retail sector and working abroad she is fully equipped to make a difference.


Email: cmn@donaid.dk          Tlf: +45 60 24 49 75



Søren Østergaard

Sales Manager

Søren has a passion for establishing profitable cooperations with companies, in order to raise as much money to charity organisations as possible. Søren is your contact, if your company wishes to work strategically with charity. He has more than 20 years of sales experience, working as both a self-employed tradesman, as well as the CEO of the company Golf Branding, the CEO of Aarhus Fremad Football A/S and as a partnership officer at AARHUS 2017 – European Capital of Culture.


Email: sos@donaid.dk          Tlf: +45 28 99 81 14



Asger Faurbye

Digital Marketing Manager

Asger is donaids student worker. He is responsible for digital marketing as well as other communications tasks. Asger is currently studying a MSc in IT, communications and organisation at Aarhus University. Besides his studies, he is involved in the student union Unge Kommunikatører as the chairman of the board. It is a nation-wide organisation creating value and competencies for students within the field of communications, digital media and marketing.

Email: aft@donaid.dk          Tlf: +45 41 28 39 11